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Radio Controlled Single Line Clamshell Buckets


Hawco radio controlled single line clamshell buckets are designed for use with single hook cranes such as ship's gear type cranes. Hawco's patented unique design possesses the most digging forces available in a single line type clamshell bucket, therefore enabling stevedores the ability to handle dense material such as iron ore or bauxite without having to resort to using electro-hydraulic grabs.


5 to 15 cubic yards

Standard Features:

All alloy steel construction. Pins and bushings made of heat treated 4140 and 4150 alloy stock. All pins and bushings are lubricated through recessed grease fittings. Sheaves are cast of alloy steel and fitted with 9C aluminum bronze bushings Oversized guide rollers for less cable wear. Lip material is T-1 alloy. Scoop reinforcing bars on bowls for prolonged life Double rib support on bowl arms for additional strength Recessed center shaft to protect from external contact Hydraulic dampening cylinders to reduce shock load to crane during mid-air opening. Rugged solid state circuitry Stainless steel, water tight box for circuitry, battery and receiver Super-efficient radio control circuit allows for 4-5 days of battery usage before recharging is necessary.


400 BHN hardened alloy steel lips
Environmental "lap" type lip seal
Environmental rubber lip seal
Spill plates to increase capacity
Spillways to decrease capacity
Environmental dust covers