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Electro-Hydraulic Ash Handling Clamshell Buckets


Hawco electro-hydraulic ash buckets are designed for use on overhead cranes working in ash pits at waste-to-energy plants. These buckets are heavy duty in design and are also equipped with teeth for handling ferrous metal often found in the ash mix. These buckets are equipped with easy to maintain hydraulic circuits and a generously sized hydraulic fluid reservoir to prevent overheating


1 to 10 cubic yards

Standard Features:

Easily maintained uni-directional hydraulic system. Commonly used, readily available hydraulic components. All alloy steel construction Pins and bushings made of heat treated 4140 and 4150 alloy stock All pins and bushings are lubricated through recessed grease fittings Replaceable manganese alloy tooth points.Lip material is T-1 alloy.