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Hawk Series 4 Tine Hydraulic Scrap Grapples


Hawco hydraulic scrap grapples are designed for use on hydraulic excavators which have been converted for material handling use. These grapples are ideal for handling a all grades of prepared and unprepared scrap. Sizes up to 1 _ cubic yards are able to fit into typical scrap trailers and roll-off containers. Hawk Series grapples are the most rugged designed scrap grapples available on the market due to its "all T-1" material and the use of interlocking plate and box and rib construction.


_ to 2 _ cubic yards

Standard Features:

All "T-1" alloy steel construction. Heat treated pins and bushings Replaceable manganese alloy tooth points. 360 degree power rotation. Heavy duty 5,000 psi rated hydraulic cylinders Heavy duty rotation bearing and motor. Semi-blade tines.


Cylinder rod guards
Knock-around rotation
No rotation
Narrow tines for handling prepared cut grades of scrap
Full blade tines for handling punchings and smaller pieces.