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2 Tine Hydraulic Multi-Purpose Grapples


Hawco 2 tine hydraulic multi-purpose grapples are designed for use of hydraulic excavators which have been converted for material handling use. These grapples incorporate 2 tines of which one tine has 3 tooth points and the other has 2 tooth points. The 2 tines interlock with each other, giving the grapple the ability to clamp down on a load such as pipe or beams. The design of the grapple is also effective in unloading trucks and being able to get into corners.


2 models - one weighing 3,400 lbs. and the other 4,500 lbs.

Standard Features:

All "T-1" alloy steel construction. Heat treated pins and bushings Replaceable manganese alloy tooth points.360 degree power rotation. Heavy duty 5,000 psi rated hydraulic cylinders. Heavy duty rotation bearing and motor.