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Single Line Scrap Grapples

2 Rope, 4-Tine Rock Grapples

2 Rope, 3-Tine Rock Grapples

2-Tine Hydraulic Car Grapples

2-Tine Hydraulic Log Grapples

2-Tine Multi-Purpose Hyd. Grapples

2-Rope Interlocking Log Grapples

2-Rope Rip-Rap Grapples

Electro-Hyd. Interlocking Log Grapples

Electro-Hydraulic Refuse Grapples

Electro-Hydraulic Scrap Grapples

Hawk Series 4-Tine Scrap Grapples

Hawk Series 5-Tine Hyd. Scrap Grapples